4 of the Most Strange Yet Wonderful Apps

Updated: Aug 27

Since the year 1983, which saw the release of the DynaTAC 8000x, mobile phones have evolved. You can now pull out your phone to use your fun apps each time you get bored.

There is now an abundance of different mobile apps available for any situation. There are more understandable apps, such as apps to store bank cards on your phone. But, there are also the downright ridiculous apps that make no sense.

Are you more intrigued by the strange yet wonderful apps that are available for your phone? If so, keep reading for 4 of the most strange yet wonderful apps you will ever find yourself downloading.

Send Me To Heaven

Send me to heaven isn't quite as morbid as it may sound. It's an app targeted at those thrill-seekers who laugh in the face of fear. Download this app at your own risk (don't blame us if it goes wrong).

This application is a game with which you can play with your friends. The aim of the game, throw your phone as high into the air as you can. Be sure to catch it on its way back down.

The app will assess each throw and give the total height in meters that you managed to launch it. Get your friends to download it too, or let them use your phone and compete to see who can get it higher.


Do you look at your friends using their social media apps, but you're an introvert and disagree with the social part? Binky is the perfect app for you.

Binky is a bottomless supply of random information you don't really need in your life. You can like different posts, repost (rebind) posts you enjoyed, and even comment your views on them.

However, all these actions do nothing. No one will ever read what you comment or see who you like or don't like. It's all about being social, without being social.


RunPee is the perfect example of an app that no one will download, yet everyone will want to use it. It's targeted at all those moviegoers who always choose the largest drink.

How many times have you taken a trip to see a box-office hit and sat cross-legged needing to pee? This is where this wonderfully weird app comes to save the day.

Simply search for the movie you are watching, and the app does the rest. It will tell you the best time to run to the toilet without missing anything. It even lets you know if there are any after-credits extra's.


The simplicity of this app deserves a clap. How many of you use an app to send messages between you and your friends? This app is targeted at those who send over-simplified one-word messages to their friends.

It takes these simple messages, and it makes it even simpler. Through this app, you can now send your contacts the word "Yo." That's it. That is all this app does, and it's simplistically brilliant.

Download Your Strange, Yet Wonderful, Fun Apps Today

There are apps available through many different mobile phone platforms. Are you the type of person to only download sensible, useful apps? Or have we converted you to the strange.

Test your strength against your friends with Send me to heaven. Never miss out on the movie action again with RunPee. Or simply send your friends the word Yo!

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