How Can We Save Our Earth? Steps You Can Take To Help

Updated: Aug 27

The New York Times is one of the most popular forms of news in the world. But, did you know, if they used recycled paper for a single day’s worth of print, it would save 75,000 trees? That’s an astounding figure which most of us won’t think about.

The Human race has been at a constant level of technological advancement for many years. This development has been significant for the everyday lives of the world. However, it has had a terrible impact on the planet.

This impact is growing worse each day, yet most of us will not even think about it. There is still time for us to learn how to save the earth for our kids. Keep reading for a slight answer to how can we save our earth?

Lead a Plastic-Free Life

The first answer to how we can save our earth is to reduce the amount of plastic the population uses and discards every day. Plastic is slowly suffocating this planet. Most of us will have heard about ‘Plastic Island.’

Plastic island is a mass of plastic waste that has congregated together between Hawaii and California. This island has massed to a size which is now 1.6 million square kilometers. That’s three times the size of France.

Take action today by removing plastic from your shopping list. This means no longer buying those red party cups for your get-togethers. Buy a set of reusable, plastic-free cups from Pirani. Pour yourself a drink and answer your friend’s questions about how we can save the earth.

Give Back to the Planet

Are you one of those people who always say, ‘I want to help save the planet?’ This is a far easier task to complete than you may think. It is also fair to think about how much the earth has given to you since you joined the population.

The World Wildlife Federation is a charity that can help you to give back. They focus on giving back to the planet everything that humans have taken from it. They focus on bringing nature back to full bloom and save those animals who are close to extinction.

If you are an ‘I want to help save the planet’ kind of person, donate to the WWF today and help them succeed in their attempts to save the planet. Help remove the risk of extinction to a massive range of at-risk species.

*I make absolutely no commission from the donations to WWF. Each donation you give, 100% will go towards their cause*

Eco-Friendly Products

More and more products are being released onto the market containing materials that are harmful to the environment. Take the step into changing your wardrobe and household to a more eco-friendly material.

Such materials as hemp are being used in more products as the eco-friendly agenda grows throughout the world. One of the key benefits of hemp clothing is that it requires 80% less water to clean. That is water that can be used in a more earth-friendly way.

An excellent method on how to save the environment at home is to implement hemp and earth-friendly products into your life today. Such companies as Bean will even plant a tree for every dollar spent on shipping.

Turn Your Driving Habits Green

The vast majority of us will know that driving is one of the biggest causes of global warming. However, not everyone has the ability to simply sell their car and choose to ride a bike wherever they go. For those of us who still need a car, there are steps you can take to reduce your imprint on the planet.

Reducing the level of emissions your car gives out will help your vehicle and the planet. If you are looking at how to save the environment at home, this should be a priority step. Other steps you can take to reduce your footprint could be:

Drive at a Maximum of 50MPH

Driving at 50 MPH rather than 70 MPH will use 25% less fuel. Less fuel means fewer fumes as well fewer trips to the station to fill up.

Don’t Leave Your Car in Idle

Rather than leaving your car in idle, turn it off. This simple act will cut fuel consumption and also help reduce the overall level of air pollution.

How Can We Save Our Earth? Now You Know

When we look into how we can save our earth, the first place to look is at home. What can we change around our homes to help the planet survive through the damage that has been thrust upon it?

Take a stand against the amount of plastic being throwing into landfills. Take steps to drive greener wherever you go. Donate and help those taking the stand towards giving back to this planet that has given us so much.

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