It Doesn’t Cost a Lot to Save the Planet

Updated: Aug 27

According to the World Wildlife Federation's list of 10 ways you can save the planet, watching what you buy is a powerful method. The vast majority of us will do our weekly shopping without considering its effect on the earth.

Bringing an Eco-Friendly life into your household doesn't have to cost you thousands of pounds. In fact, you can start saving the planet for less than £50. It won't break your bank, but it will fix the world that you live in.

Less Than £50

Coming in at the top of this price bracket is the compostable food containers. For less than £50, you can bulk buy this product to store all the leftover food in the fridge, ready for the next day's meals.

How many of us have a cupboard full of plastic containers, used only for this very scenario? I'm willing to bet it is most of us. Those plastic containers can wind up becoming harmful to the planet after being disposed of.

Through the simple act of investing in compostable food containers, you can stop the suffocation of the planet. Waste plastic is filling the landfills and plaguing our seas. Using naturally compostable products allows our waste to disappear more healthily.

Less Than £40

Now that we know how to handle the dinner's leftover food, let's look at the dinner itself. Whoever said saving the planet can't be useful to the here and now obviously hasn't heard of the Eco-Friendly dinner set.

Unlike some Earth-Friendly products available, this dinner set is both microwave safe as well as dishwasher safe. Created from a wheat straw fiber, the set is lightweight and unbreakable, perfect for those family BBQs that aren't quite the best china set-worthy.

As with the food containers, this plastic alternative product will take massive strides towards saving the future of our planet. We may not notice the difference in our lifetime, but future generations will thank us for it.

Less Than £30

For under £30, you can find yourself with the option to buy a new set of 2 bamboo pillows, and you will get change back. That is a low price for not only saving the planet but ensuring you get a good night's rest by doing so.

Made from a blend of 3D and 7D fiber, these pillows are not only soft, but they offer a fantastic level of support for the head. They don't use the wool-like most pillows do, which means they can be put into the washing machine.

You can squeeze, press, and fold these pillows with the knowledge that they will quickly bounce back into their original shape. On top of that, they are hypoallergenic for those who suffer from any allergies or skin conditions.

Less Than $20

£20 will find you in the market area of biodegradable freezer bags. Although they are called Freezer bags, they have many more uses than just that. Store your vegetables between meal prep, take your sandwiches to work, or even use it to hold the milk from that broken carton.

Yes! That is correct. These bags will save the planet and are entirely leak and waterproof. Once you have finished using them for the plethora of reasons you can, put them into your compost heap. In just 24 weeks, they will have completed biodegraded through a safe process.

Less Than £10

The final product, which is highly recommended by previous users, is the Large, Strong, Eco-Friendly Balloons. Available for under £10, these ballots come in a range of colors, perfect for any celebration.

Created from natural rubber, these balloons are entirely plastic-free. This allows them to be completely biodegradable and, surprisingly, a lot easier to blow up than regular balloons. You can save the planet as well as your breath.

Save Money While Saving the Planet

You don't need a lot of money to start saving the planet. Most things you can do for free. But for those that will cost you money, make every penny count. Reduce the amount of plastic you use in your everyday life by less than £50.

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