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Updated: Aug 27

The UK is estimated to use over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year. Almost half of this total is produced through the packaging of the products we buy. There is a vast range of products which come in a plastic container which we throw away once purchased or used.

Smol has taken it upon themselves to take a stand against the above statistic. Not only are the Smol ingredients effective in regards to cleaning, but they also offer plastic-free, eco-friendly packaging to supply you with their products.

Smol champions the plastic-free and fully recyclable packaging wherever they can whilst still ensuring you can have a high performing product. Keep reading for a quick Smol products review and how to join the latest craze today.

Small Laundry

The most popular product this company offers is the Smol laundry capsules. The sudden rise in popularity of this company means that their following claim is highly believable.

“We have created the most effective concentrated laundry capsule in the world.”

After researching a wide range of Smol Laundry reviews, I found that the vast majority of users find the price to be the best part of this product (explained below). With regards to the product itself, reviewers were amazed at how well the tablets work. Although a fair few mentioned that there was a lack of perfumed smell.


Small offers you 9 free washes as a trial before you consider buying more. You only have to pay £1 for delivery. Once you have decided to continue using Smol Laundry, the tablets are a meagre price of £4.60 for 30.

Smol Dishwash

Another popular product is the Smol Dishwash tablet. Like all Smol’s other products, is available to be delivered straight to your door. All for an average of 50% less than the usual brand price.

“A Dishwashing Revolution? Maybe just a Smol one.”

Some of the customers Smol Reviews state how shiny cutlery came out after being washed with Smol Dishwash tablets. As with the Smol Laundry, most reviews mention how great this product is at saving the world from plastic packaging but lack in the area of perfumed smell.


Small offers you 9 free washes as a trial before you consider buying more. You only have to pay £1 for delivery. Once you have decided to continue using Smol Laundry... I mean Smol Dishwash, the tablets are a meagre price of £4.60 for 30.

Smol FabCon

If you are interested in Smol, try pairing your Smol Laundry with Smol FabCon (Fabric Conditioner) for a better result. Delivered to your door in a 100% post-consumer waste bottle sticks with the eco-friendly aim of the company.

“Our concentrated fabric conditioner uses less chemicals per dose and requires less shipping than the regular brands.”

Most Smol Fabric Conditioner reviews state how simple the product is to use. This is due to the bottles comping with a simple pump system to add your FabCon to your washing machine. With the recommended 4 pump dose, users found a lack of that ‘conditioner smell’ other products provide. They counteracted this by adding either 6 or 7 pumps to each wash.


Start your Smol FabCon journey with the twin starter pack. For £10 you will receive 128 doses of Falcon, which can last up to 6 months. After that, you can arrange for a regular delivery of Smol refills straight to your door.

Smol Sprays

The Smol Sprays come delivered with colour coded bottles that match the colour of the tablets on offer. The Smol glass cleaner is purple, the Smol bathroom is green, and Smol multi-surface cleaner is orange.

“Surface Sprays. Delivered. Concentrated cleaning. Bottle for life.”

I found a Smol Spray review that states that they have a great smell, which is an upside compared to the other products. On top of that, most reviews say that the Smol sprays are excellent at cleaning a vast range of different surfaces. Another significant positive is that I struggled to find any valid negatives to the sprays at the time of writing this article.


For a low price of £10 (including delivery), you can receive 3 bottles for life as well as one of each tablet mentioned above. Once you have tried and tested this product, Smol refill tablet packs come in at just £1 per tablet ordered.

(Click this picture for a free trial)

Smol Starter Kit

If this Smol products review has left you unsure where to start your Smol journey, why not try the Smol starter kit for a low price of £25. Try a small amount of each product to find your own views before taking a step towards a regular delivery of these fantastic products.

Small Things Make a Big Difference

The best part of this company is that you can pick and choose how often you get your deliveries. This means that you won’t find yourself with more products than you need, simply adjust your delivery dates to coincide with your usage.

For such a small price, you are not only getting some fantastic products to keep your house clean, but you are also doing your part in reducing plastic waste. Using fully recyclable packaging, you won’t need to worry about your footprint.

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