Top 5 New Languages to Learn in 2021

Updated: Aug 27

2021 found English to be the most spoken language around the world. But what other languages should you learn this year?

Rosetta Stone boasts of offering over 30 different languages. It would make sense to learn a highly spoken new language first.


Chinese is the second highest spoken language on earth, with over 1 billion speakers. To be specific, it's the Mandarin variation of Chinese.

Surprisingly, Mandarin is the highest spoken native language due to being the official language of China, Singapore, and Taiwan. Learning it as a second language will be challenging but rewarding.

Due to it being a tonal language, it consists of 50,000 different characters. The pronunciation of each word differs depending on its meaning. As I said, it will be tough.


The Hindi language is next on our list of most spoken languages. With over 637 million speakers, this language has significantly impacted other languages such as English. The English language has used Hindi for such words as Shampoo, Yoga, and Jungle.

Hindi is commonly used in such countries as India, Nepal, Trinidad and Tobago, and Mauritius. It is even spoken by several people within the UK and the USA.

The Hindi alphabet (Varnmala) is made up of 11 vowels and 33 consonants. This makes it easier to learn than Mandarin, but the letters are equally artistic.


The Spanish language comes in at third on this list, with over 537 million speakers worldwide. Although it is the second-highest native spoken language with over 483 million speakers.

21 countries around the world speak Spanish. Including many in Europe and Africa. The country with the highest level of Spanish speakers awkwardly isn't Spain. It's Hispanic America.

Due to the history between England and Spain, it has had a considerable impact on the English language. Using such words as Tortilla, Siesta, and Cava.

The similarity between the alphabet used in English and Spanish makes language learning far more manageable than the last two additions to this list. You can learn a beautifully romantic language with Spanish.


The French language is a strong contender for your language learning journey. Coming in at fourth, French is spoken by over 276 million people around the globe. 76.8 million of which are native speakers.

French is the most straightforward language for English speakers to learn. This is since 45% of English words come from French origin.


The Arabic language is spoken by over 274 million people in the world. This language has another beautifully artistic writer language.

With over 22 countries speaking Arabic, it is understandable that it has also impacted the English language. These countries include Egypt, Libya, and Saudi Arabia.

Learn a New Language Today

Now you know the most used languages around the world. Purchase your language software today, add a live tutor to truly learn a new language.

Which language will you choose to learn? Chinese or Hindi? Spanish or French? Or maybe you will give Hindi ago?

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